Green Carry Inc. is established by Professionals having extensive experience in various backgrounds. Our team comprises of Environmental Scientists & Environmental/Civil Engineers, Ecological Experts, Biodiversity Specialists. 
Green Carry Inc. aims to reduce plastic pollution and making every possible exertion to eradicate plastic usage in every stage of life cycle. Our purpose is to foster better relation with green technology in order to achieve the sustainable goals.
Green Carry Inc. introduces biodegradable bags as substitute of conventional plastic bags which may last several decades and makes irreversible negative impacts on our environment. Green Carry bag is an utmost biodegradable product that completely undergoes in degradation process once interacts with open environment. Green Carry bags completely degrade in 6 to 8 months and eventually coverts into biomass.
Green Carry products are certified and tested with degradation, bio degradation and eco-toxicity process and makes no negative impact on environment.




To beat plastic pollution at every stage of life cycle and persuade to increase the usage of state-of-the-art Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Bags to make our country more Clean & Green.

We endeavor to produce valuable biodegradable bags with high quality and excellence.

We are committed to provide a sustainable future and to improve the environmental well being of the community.

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